Click here for prices: CLOTHING PRICE LIST – April 2018

Pre-School (Grade R)
Pre-School children should dress comfortably and in clothes suitable for possible messy activities.
It is essential that their clothes be clearly marked with their name.
No slip-slops or open-backed sandals please. Caps are compulsory for outside play.

Grades 1 and 2
We have endeavoured to provide a uniform which allows our learners to feel comfortable and to dress each day according to the weather, while still looking smart and taking pride in their school uniform.

Herewith a full list, but please note that you are not required to purchase every item on this list.
For example, your child may prefer to wear their tracksuit top in place of a jersey and this will be perfectly acceptable. It is essential that all clothes are clearly marked.


Girls: Boys: Generic:
• Khaki twill school skirt
• Golf shirt, girls, short sleeve
• Golf shirt, girls, long sleeve
• Long khaki chinos
• Brown school shoes
• White ankle socks
• Khaki twill school shorts
• Golf shirt, boys, short sleeve
• Golf shirt, boys, long sleeve
• Long khaki chinos
• Brown school shoes
• Long Khaki socks
• Fleecy top
• School green cap with flap
• School tracksuit
• School backpack

Clothing Shop

These items are available from the Camps Bay Clothing Shop at Camps Bay High School
Contact Mrs Preen on 021-438-1507 extn 122

NB: No cheques are accepted. Payments for uniforms must be made either by EFT, direct deposit or credit/debit card only.
The Clothing Shop is open during the following hours:

Mondays to Thursdays: 07:30 — 15:30
Fridays Closed

The following items may be bought from our school office:

Green caps with flap: R80-00 each