We run a popular Aftercare Facility to care for our children after school hours.

Management and Ethos
Our Aftercare Team aims to provide a “home from home” environment of nurturing and safety, where children are encouraged to learn and develop valuable life skills, e.g. socializing, communicating effectively and co-operatiing with others.

Aftercare Team:
Senior Aftercare Manager: Mrs Adele Potgieter (Ms Dee)
Senior Aftercare Assistants: Shelley van Acker & Mrs Debbie Odumuko

Junior Aftercare Manager: Mrs Michelle Fernandes
Junior Aftercare Assistants: Ms Queen Manona, Mrs Vivienne Dlanga, Ms Eunice Kanyerere & Mrs Phillida Dudley

Parents of children in the Satellite Class must speak directly to Adri Beretta.

Aftercare is first and foremost a service for our full-time working parents. Thereafter we are able to accommodate other children depending on our numbers and the parents’ need.

Hours and Fees for 2014:
Fees are payable in advance, within the first week of the month.
Full day: until 17:30 is R 676-00 per month
Half day: until 14:30 is R 543-00 per month
Monthly fees are charged for 10 full months (excluding only January and December).

Casual rates for 2014:
(These area payable on the same day).
Full day: R 50-00
Half Day: R 40-00
If any child is collected after 17:30, there is a penalty fine of R20-00 per 15min.

Our Grade One and Two children are with Adele, Shelley and Debbie in our Reception Grade Classroom and playground from 13:00 until 14:30 or 17:30.

Pre-Reception and Reception Grade children are with Michelle, Queen, Vivienne, Eunice and Phillida in their own Aftercare Room from 12:15 (Pre-Reception) or 12:30 (Grade Reception) until 17:00.

Children who are half day will go home at 14:30, while those children staying for a full day will join Adele’s senior group in our Reception Grade area from 17:00 until 17:30. Michelle accompanies them and remains their principal carer.

Summary of our Aftercare Rules:
1. Please send extra lunch and a change of clothes.
2. It is essential to have a cap daily, even in the winter months.
3. Please notify aftercare staff of your child’s extra-mural commitments, or any change in plans / person collecting : – a telephone call or even better, in writing. The message book system is useful for this.
4. Safe play and co-operation is encouraged at all times.
5. Areas of play: Reception Grade classrooms and tarmac playground and jungle gym – always within visual range of supervisors.

Click to see the full Rules & Regulations AFTERCARE rules 2014

Homework and Aftercare:
Homework or part of it will be done daily for those Grades One and Two children who remain in Aftercare after 15:45.

Aftercare Security
We use only one entrance – the one in Crown Crescent, which has remote-control access. It is monitored by the Senior Aftercare staff.

All Junior Aftercare children need to be signed out in the register on collection.