In addition to the above:

• Our Pre-Reception to Grade Two children visit the Camps Bay Library (situated conveniently across the road) once a week.

• All Grades One and Two children attend Speech and Drama classes once a week for two terms of the year.

• All Pre-Reception to Grade Two children attend Creative Movement to music classes every Friday.

• Each Grade participates in a half-hour Lifeskills Physical Education lesson every second week on Wednesdays or Fridays with Mr Neal Stacey, alternating with the Educator, as part of our PE programme.

• All children participate in our Visual Motor Programme on Thursdays, doing basic exercises to develop hand / eye coordination, perceptual skills, midline exercises and eye tracking.

• We have a well-established Teacher Support Team and a Parent Support Team to assist in certain cases where needed.

• We run a highly successful Paired Reading Programme encouraging Learners from Reception Grade to Grade 2 to participate in growing our literacy caterpillar.

• In all of our  classes we have a computer linked to the internet.  In addition to the computers in each classroom, all our Grade R to Grade 2 classrooms also have an interactive whiteboard installed.

• During the school holidays, we run a “Holiday Care” programme for any children (who are enrolled at our school) who wish to attend, from Pre-Reception to Grade 2.

• We have Educational support services on our premises to provide initial assessment as well as therapy, should your child require this intervention.